My Perfect Player

Carrying on from 15YOG’s idea, I decided to create my own perfect player. Here goes….

Head – John Terry. For me it was a toss up between JT or Didier Drogba, as even though the Drog has fantastic heading ability, as shown in various games ( is just an example.. Sorry 15YOG, didn’t mean for it to be against Arsenal, honest!) but Terry does it in front of goal, as well as at the back. Strong head, and will literally jump in front of anything – See World Cup or ask Abou Diaby – In order to get his head on the ball.

Eyes – Xavi. He just sees things, and does it, with, 99.9 recurring % (Maybe a little bit of exaggeration) accuracy everytime. Truly gifted in the vision department. just shows how good he is, and sees things that not many other players would.

Mouth – Roy Keane. For all his temperament and the fact that I’m not a massive fan of his, Keane could lead a team like no other player. Just by ordering a shouting he could put fear into almost any player, giving his side the psychological edge. If I wanted someone to lead me, Roy Keane would be one of the footballer’s I’d ask for when out on the pitch.

Lungs – Ashley Cole. This fella just runs. And runs. And runs a little bit more. In between all this running, he is attacking, making chances for himself or team mates, or at the back, defending. Sometimes he’ll get injured, and still run, for 90 minutes, continuously, with no end of abuse from the opposition. Definitely gets my vote here.

If I was going to have an arse it’d be Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink’s. Massive.

Right foot – David Beckham. Probably my favourite England player of all time (Without any affiliation to Chelsea and not John Barnes, who is a legend in his own right for musical reasons). His accuracy on passing, shooting, crossing, maybe not penalties but the rest of his game is just so good. Though I don’t support England, I love this goal for what it shows, the moment, the occasion, and how the man lived up to it, in style. And the celebration too. Copied that for ages when playing football in the road afterwards. Probably wasn’t a free-kick either.

Left foot – There’s only one player that could get my vote here. Lionel Messi. Goes without saying. Just brilliant.

And this, is what my perfect player would look like:

Got a career in editing pictures, no?


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